Tombstone Creator: Customize for each pitch

Tombstone Creator

Customize tombstones for each pitch

Tombstones are the preferred way to show experience for Law Firms, Investment Banks, and Accounting/Advisory Firms. This video shows how you can precisely adjust the number of logos, size, and deal details with a few keystrokes with custom, branded templates. Confidential information is also easily substituted with a general description that helps showcase your relevant experience.

Video Transcript

In this tutorial video we explain how to export tombstones with multiple logos.

I’ve created three templates to pull 1, 2, or 3 logos. These templates allow different styles with identical branding to populate, depending on the number of logos associated with the record. 

Navigate back to the main view and select the records you would like the template to pull from. Within my Saved Filters, you can see that I’ve already saved the records I will be selecting to receive my new template. 

To associate the correct template with the appropriate record I select the template name within the field labeled “Template.”

Selecting the appropriate template populates the record data into my new document.

Next, navigate to the Documents application, click select all, and then export.

The export view is used to select a preferred tombstone page view before pushing the new tombstones to PowerPoint. 

Change the view by selecting the formatting on the left hand side, or by selecting your favorite preset.
For this export, I would prefer the tombstones to be sorted by date, and to be put in descending order.
Everything looks to be in order, so I will click and export to PowerPoint. 

That’s it! You can see the different styles of the tombstone have populated, and my Tombstone slide is ready to go!