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Managing experience data to win more clients

Pitchly Database

A central location for matters and attorney data, as well a solution for generating relevant Tombstones and CVs

Law firm marketing and business development teams are consumed by responding to RFPs, let alone finding time to gather the information and data to create compelling, winning pitches.

It’s a vicious cycle of prioritizing winning work and keeping your database and content up-to-date and relevant. Marketers have a one-stop, automated solution for both challenges with Pitchly.

We purchased Pitchly to manage our Tombstones but it quickly become the preferred Knowledge Management Solution for the Business Development team.

– Claire Thompson, Business Development Manager | Transactional Practices

Case Uses

Consolidate firm experience

Organize experience across the firm and provide access to business development, marketing, administration, and attorneys to complete their work.

Automate pitch content

Connect Tombstone and Biography applications to automatically create content from database input values for export to PowerPoint.

Streamlined forms

Short, custom forms that normalize data and save your practice leaders and attorneys time when providing experience data.

Secure database with user permissions

Create a database for each practice group with specific fields, access to shared fields, unique user access permissions and connect relevant applications to each database.

Shared company database, linked to experience

Store client information and logos to provide a repository of frequently used information, standardize data structure, and link to matter experience records.

Central location for attorney bio, profile

Maintain and share an attorney database within your firm to centrally locate frequently used information and maintain one biography record for each attorney.

Choate selected Pitchly for its application library, but the platform quickly became the preferred knowledge management solution for the Business Development team.

How it Works

Connect Your Data

Import Excel files or connect to SQL database.

Confirm Fields

Set field types to normalize data across your records and databases.

Create a Branded Template

Add fields, logos, and other assets to create a custom document linked to your data in real-time.

Search, Filter & Segment

Find the most relevant experience, information to use in your proposal and segment as needed.

Export Content

Export your content, such as Tombstones and CVs, to insert into your pitches or other marketing collateral.

Pitchly Database
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Connect Your Data in Seconds

Import multiple Excel and CSV files or connect to your SQL server.