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Representative search intelligence and pitch content

Pitchly Database

A central location for candidate records, information and attachments. 

Executive search firms and their recruiters are connectors. Each successful search creates a new learning and promotion opportunity for your team.

Pitchly allows you to harness that information to train and inform your team, while automatically generating branded pitch content in PowerPoint to win more business.

Case Uses

Search database

Store proprietary information about completed searches in a configurable online database. Share with your research, operations, and executives easily.

Easily update

Create information collection forms to submit new search engagements to the database, or register new inbound candidates candidates from a taxi cab or your desk.

Automate pitch content

Display representative search tombstones, logo slides, recruiter CVs, case studies using branded templates which include logos and key data points and export to PowerPoint.

Discover how executive search and recruitment firms can leverage a search database to showcase your representative searches in pitch content using Pitchly.

How it Works

Connect Your Data

Import Excel files or connect to SQL database.

Confirm Fields

Set field types to normalize data across your search records.

Create a Branded Template

Create content templates by inserting search database information (close date, industry, client name) and images (headshots, client logos, etc) to create dynamic PowerPoint content for pitches.

Search, Filter & Segment

Advanced search to find the most relevant representative searches for your next pitch.

Export Content

Export your content, such as representative search tombstones and recruiter CVs, to PowerPoint to easily insert into your pitches.

Forms Application
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Connect Your Data in Seconds

Import multiple Excel and CSV files or connect to your SQL server.