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Automate Tombstone Content

Law firms and investment banks use Pitchly to generate relevant, accurate Tombstones and CVs for proposals and pitchbooks 

Marketers are consumed by responding to RFPs, let alone gathering the information and data to create a compelling, winning pitch. It’s a vicious cycle of prioritizing winning work and keeping your database and content up-to-date and relevant. 

Marketers have a one-stop, automated solution for both challenges with Pitchly.

  1. An expedited way to populate the fields from subject matter experts, such as attorneys, investment bankers, and accounting firms.
  2. A custom, branded template to export content to use in pitchbooks and proposals, such as Tombstones, CVs, bios, and more.

The first time we logged in, we were excited to be able to pull together a page of tombstones in minutes.

– Stephanie Raven | Business Development Assistant

Create Tombstones in Minutes

Automating Tombstones for your law firm, investment bank or accounting firm is just one example of how you can create data-infused documents for your marketing and sales collateral or pitches.

Case Uses

Work smarter and faster, not harder

Develop pitchbooks, pitch decks and proposals with the most relevant and compelling experience.

Streamlined forms that get filled out

Short, custom forms that normalize data and save your subject matter experts time when providing experience data.

Find exactly what you need, now

Easily search and filter your database to find the most relevant matters, experience or team members.

Reduce data entry for new clients, deals

Sync your billing solution or CRM to populate new records so new deals, clients, and experience are added to your database.

A dynamic content library

Easily integrate branded templates to build a data-rich content library to build and submit proposals on the fly.

Build an on-demand asset library

Upload logos, headshots, and other relevant images to create an asset library that syncs to documents and templates.

Easy export to PowerPoint & Word

Export accurate, up-to-date content into PowerPoint or Word in minutes with a constant connection from your source data.

How it Works

Connect Your Data

Import Excel files or connect to SQL database.

Confirm Fields

Set field types to normalize data across your records and databases.

Create a Branded Template

Design and add fields, logos, and other assets to created a custom document linked to your data in real-time.

Search, Filter & Segment

Find the most relevant experience, information to use in your proposal and segment as needed.

Export Content

Export your content, such as Tombstones and CVs, to insert into your pitchbook or prosposal.

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Connect Your Data in Seconds

It only takes seconds to connect your database to Pitchly.