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Pitchly’s experience platform can be configured to meet your experience collection procedures and unique data fields and values by…

Connecting to Your SQL database

Importing Excel files

Build your database from scratch

We purchased Pitchly to manage our Tombstones but it quickly become the preferred Knowledge Management Solution for the Business Development team.

– Claire Thompson, Business Development Manager | Transactional Practices

Case Uses

Easily manage information

Modify database fields and input values and restrict user access permissions for each database.

Find what you need, now

Easily search and filter your database to find the most relevant deals, matters or experience.

Custom forms with approval workflow

Gather data is easier by creating multiple forms to accommodate different experience types and information needs – even include a user to approve and accept data inputs.

Structure data using lists, tags

Structure data by defining single-choice list values and multi-choice tags values to accommodate complex fields.

Attach files to records

Attach documents to a record as a source document to share with other users, such as proposals, letters, and more.

Link records with references

Create single and multiple reference links between databases to reduce manual input and create more robust searches.

How it Works

Connect Your Data

Import Excel files or connect to SQL database.

Confirm Fields

Set field types to normalize data across your records and databases.

Create a Branded Template

Design and add fields, logos, and other assets to created a custom document linked to your data in real-time.

Search, Filter & Segment

Find the most relevant experience, information to use in your proposal and segment as needed.

Export Content

Export your content, such as Tombstones and CVs, to insert into your pitchbook or prosposal.

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It only takes seconds to connect your database to Pitchly.