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When you pull data into Pitchly


Level the data playing field

All your teams gain access to data with “just right” permissions allowing them to effectively – yet securely – apply valuable business information to strategic and day-to-day operations. The average business uses 25 different software products, with each trapping data and making it untouchable due to technical abilities or security and permissions. Pitchly ingests the various data points and displays in a powerful, yet user-friendly interface.


Making business deals personal

The saying, “Business is not personal,” is dated. Sales and marketing teams are required to personalize information to relevant audiences more than ever. Instead of updating the most recent version of a proposal or pitchbook, salespeople and marketers can quickly build documents that integrate with data from Pitchly to include the newest deal values and more.


Cloud flexibility minus security headeaches


Your data doesn’t have to live in the cloud with Pitchly’s platform-as-a-service technology. With a flat hierarchy and ability to ingest, display and read-write to a variety of data sources, end-users can query and manipulate data in real time. However, the data is not saved or duplicated in Pitchly to help you overcome security requirements for sensitive business data.

Automate Reporting

Automated reporting made easy

Preparing weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports become a breeze with Pitchly. Your data integrates source information allowing you to design and automate your regular reporting or search and export for last-minute requests. A streamlined forms app allows you to collect missing data to populate fields directly through Pitchly.

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Connect Your Data in Seconds

It only takes seconds to connect your database to Pitchly.