Built for the ultra security-conscious

Pitchly is built by industry and technology veterans who have many years of experience building solutions for banks, financial institutions, and other highly regulated organizations. Pitchly is specifically trusted among security-sensitive industries because of the meticulous lengths we have gone to keep our customers' data safe, while actually making IT's job easier.

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Safeguards Summary
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) available
    SAML, OpenID Connect, and LDAP-based protocols
  • Everything encrypted
    All data and files encrypted in transit & at rest
  • Certified infrastructure
    Data stored in ISO 27001 certified data centers (AWS)
  • Best practices
    Passwords are hashed w/ salts & key strengthening
  • Restricted access
    Server access restricted by cryptographic key pair
  • Threat protection
    Firewall with IP address & port filtering
  • End-to-end encryption
    All traffic is encrypted with AES 256 SSL
  • Authentication
    Minimum password requirements & email verification
  • Third-party verification
    Yearly penetration testing & vulnerability assessments
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Pitchly solves more problems for IT than it creates

Everything in Pitchly has been made with the intent to remove work from IT's plate, not add to it, by making users more self sufficient.

  • Administrative end-users can integrate with 2K+ other products themselves
  • Users can search, create, and update data themselves via Pitchly's Database or Forms
  • Users can update document templates themselves visually
  • Entirely cloud-based & easy onboarding. Nothing needs to be installed on users' computers.
  • Reduce the need to code custom solutions and benefit from Pitchly's growing product base over time
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Patented hybrid on-prem integration

For highly sensitive workflows, Pitchly is the only document generation tool capable of using data that you store securely behind your own firewall in a SQL database without ever storing it on our servers, making Pitchly a preferred tool among large enterprises.

  • Integration takes minutes / automatic setup
  • Users can search SQL data themselves without bugging IT
  • Continue to use IP address allow list with our static IPs
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