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Move Data Effortlessly

Seamlessly connect your existing SQL server or migrate data from Excel.

No Code Necessary

You move data throughout your organization without writing one line of code. Integrate any number of data repositories and applications to Pitchly and start enabling your team to access and work with existing data systems and services.

Connect any number of Solutions and Integrations to your Pitchly account, enabling you to get work done faster and pull data from all of your existing data systems or services.

Changes you make in Pitchly are updated in real-time everywhere. So you don’t need to worry about overwriting anyone else’s changes, or verifying that everyone has the most up-to-date information.

Create a data structure that fits your business. Or, let us help you create a new one based on your industry and needs. Set custom field types to ensure that your data is always complete, clean and uniform. You can even attach images and files to records.

Control exactly what users can see and do with your valuable company data, down to the field level, with audit controls to track who made which changes. For example, you can also control the data that users can enter, requiring them to choose from predefined options or existing entries in a database.

Find the exact information that you need – quickly and easily. Search globally across all databases or filter by specific fields. Dive even deeper with relational filters, without needing to know any programming or special language.

Easily link related data together, eliminating duplicate entries. For example, when a field is linked to a record, you can update the field in one place and it updates everywhere.

Download the Database Datasheet

Discover how you can safely and securely access your data accessible, yet still, meet the challenges of stringent data requirements.

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Connect Your Data in Seconds

Import multiple Excel and CSV files or connect to your SQL server.