Taking Your Data Securely to the Cloud

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You can move data throughout your organization by connecting an SQL server or importing Excel and CSV files. Securely provide your company the access to siloed data and give end-users the ability to use the information to complete their work and improve performance.

Your data is streamed in real-time but not saved or duplicated no matter where it exists (on-premise, private or public clouds). IT teams have a new way to deliver solutions to non-technical end users who require access to research and complete work assignments. This solution allows the data to stay where you need it – behind a firewall in your safe, secure database.

IT connects the SQL server or import Excel and CSV files, allowing end users to access information you want them to view with complete or limited control to filter, create, update, delete, and export the data using Pitchly. 

With the easy permission settings and pass-through nature of Pitchly, you overcome stringent data regulations and requirements that address security concerns and challenges. You decide if your data is stored in Pitchly and control access requirements for users and types of users.

Onboarding takes minutes and Pitchly provides support for end-user issues and questions, leaving IT only responsible for integration. These users can easily filter, query and cross-segment the databases to make smarter data-driven decisions – and quickly.

Make Data Human-Friendly in Seconds

Integration takes seconds. Yes, seconds. 

IT provides the server name or host, username, and password, and in seconds the data is there for the end-user. Field IDs and names flow through Pitchly, which translates the data to a human-readable solution. The end-users can now automate document creation and populate the database with custom forms for fields relevant to the individual’s knowledge.

Data Before and After Pitchly

How your data looks before and after Pitchly

Real-time Connection to Data

Connect to a Real-Time Data Feed

Pitchly comes with Applications to create PowerPoint Documents and custom Forms to gather data. Internal development teams can Build on Pitchly reducing approximately 50 percent of the user-permission, security, and database “infrastructure” typically required to build an application from scratch. Build Applications in any language and host independently by the developer and access data through a real-time GraphQL API and SDK.

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Discover how to connect your database and empower your teams to start using their data!

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Connect Your Data in Seconds

Import multiple Excel and CSV files or connect to your SQL server.