Use Pitchly without storing your data on Pitchly

By default, Pitchly stores your data. But for sensitive organizations or those who already store their data in a SQL database, Pitchly is the only document generation tool capable of streaming data live from your existing database without us ever storing it, making Pitchly a preferred tool among the enterprise.

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Self-terminating connection

Data is never stored persistently. Instead, it is streamed directly to your users in real time. Once all users have logged off of Pitchly, your data can no longer be accessed.

Quick & easy integration

Plug in credentials, permissioned however you'd like them, select the tables or views you'd like to use, and watch your account populate with data instantly. No code required.

Human friendly

Everything in Pitchly is human friendly. Our SQL integration is no different. Once connected, everything is translated to people-friendly format, like field names, files, and references, and can be searched without SQL queries.


Because we don't actually store your data, the potential attack surface area is drastically reduced. But in transit, we continue to encrypt all traffic and you can continue to use your IP allow list.

Else, we have an API

If an integration to your preferred tool doesn't exist or you have more specific needs, we also have a developer-friendly and progressive GraphQL API with backwards compatibility to REST.

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