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Your backend, our frontend, endless possibilities.

Storing data is the easy part. Making it accessible isn't. Use Pitchly Integrations to give a face to your data for users to access and work with using apps.

Plug into an ecosystem of apps without moving any data.

Extend the functionality of your existing infrastructure and give employees or clients the tools they need, all without writing a single line of code or storing data outside your firewall.

Drawing of files SQL database and cloud services connecting and integrating to Pitchly database which connect to Pitchly apps

The game has been changed with Pitchly Connect.

When you plug a compatible data source into Pitchly with Pitchly Connect, users access your data directly - no copying, syncing, or inconsistencies. Get an accurate picture of your data in the moment. With absolutely zero coding.

Fast, codeless integration.

Connect using only your data source's credentials instead of writing code. Lessen the burden on IT and get started instantly with all your data.

Keep data behind your firewall.

When using Pitchly Connect, we don't store any of your data on our servers. It is streamed in real time from your own data source to authorized users and apps on Pitchly, so you can meet special security requirements.

Intelligently translated to human.

Empower workers with the data they need without forcing them to learn technical skills or having to build a custom interface. Everything, from field names to references to filters to images, are intelligently represented in human-friendly format.

Self-generating, normalized API.

Do more with your data inside and outside of Pitchly. Every connected data source gets a normalized API, so you can use your data anywhere without worrying how or where it's physically stored.

Do more with what you've got.

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Our list of available integrations is growing. Contact us for an up-to-date list.