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Datasheet: Forms Application

Build as many forms as your business requires. The Forms application helps maintain your data’s health, making it useable for what’s next. Whether marketing needs client testimonials, sales needs deal information, or operations needs project close-out data, the Forms app ensures the data is there when you need it.

forms app

Create Forms

Select which fields need populated and hide the rest. Adjust the order of form fields by relevance and necessity. Field types enforce database structure (dropdown, number, currency, date). Incorporate your firms branding, color, and fonts. Write instructions regarding why they are completing the form.

forms app

Share With Your People

Email the form straight away through the Forms app. Create a schedule to send forms automatically on a weekly or monthly basis. Share the form anywhere you’d like by using a secure unique hyperlink. To create urgency, set an expiration date for completing the form. 

Forms App

Verify Your Permissions

Set up automatic reminders to compile submissions as frequently as required. Allow direct submissions to quickly build your database. Regulate who can approve and edit form submissions, to maintain accuracy. Set up user notifications for when submissions are ready for approval. Easily view submissions arranged by pending, rejected or approved.

See How it Works

Download the datasheet and learn how to populate your online database while enforcing data health and structure in a secure manner.