Datasheet: Database Platform

Pitchly organizes and activates your company’s propriety data by creating a single source of truth for your team to win deals and create dynamic customer-facing content in real time.


Quickly Access Reliable Data

The user-friendly interface can serve as your database or sync in real-time with your existing ones, making it a flexible solution for your current processes or new scalable actions to grow your business.

Accurate Intellectual and Proprietary Data

You can collect, clean up, maintain and preserve your intellectual and proprietary data with one solution.


Make Strategic Decisions – Faster

When your data is accessible and accurate, your firm can quickly search and cross-segment databases to make strategic decisions faster. 


Swiftly Configure & Onboard Your Team

Your teams can easily run reports, search, filter and cross-segment from multiple databases after just one onboarding session.
securely access data

Securely Access Your Data from Anywhere

Power users can create and control unique user access permissions that align with what each team member needs.

Download the Datasheet

Discover how you can safely and securely access your data accessible, yet still, meet the challenges of stringent data requirements.