A database for humans, not IT.

We believe great solutions shouldn't require a manual. We specifically designed our database to be the most human-friendly database in existence.

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Pitchly database single source of truth for tracking searching and filtering data

A searchable single source of truth that doesn't care where your data lives.

Start from scratch, upload a CSV from Excel, stream data in real time from your SQL or NoSQL databases, or connect data from outside services, like Salesforce. Pitchly can take data from anywhere and make it accessible to workers and their apps with minimal effort.

Data that doesn't need cleaning.

Spend less time cleaning data and more time using it. Set your own rules with the kind of data you expect at the source, and structure your data however works for your business. Use the same rules even when collecting information from outside contributors using the Forms app.

Pitchly database columns of data Pitchly database record editor for data entry
Joe Laken
Matthew Anderson
VP of Sales
Nicole Hanson
Marketing Coordinator
Watson Kendal
Communications Manager
Sam Torres
Business Development Manager
Barbara Marshal
Finance Manager
Peter Ivory
Director of Operations
Nicole Hanson
Default Permission
Read-only  (inherited from Marketing Team)
Allow data export
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Web Publishing

Mission control for all your data and apps.

Control access to data and apps from one place with simple yet fine-grained access controls. Restrict data access down to the field level with separate create, update, and delete permissions; disable export for select users; and create groups for easy onboarding. Single Sign-on option available for Enterprise customers.

To err is human. To forgive, divine.

Keep track of changes and events in a detailed audit trail, and never lose valuable information again. Rewind to specific events instead of infrequent snapshots. Selectively roll back individual records or an entire database, so mistakes don't hold up the whole team.

Jimmy Silva
Mon, June 24 4:27pm
Updated Price of Coffee Mug in Products to $15 from $12.
Updated Photo of Coffee Mug in Products.
Black coffee mug with wooden handle
Hailey Richardson
Mon, June 24 3:52pm
Tammy Ellis
Mon, June 24 2:17pm
Exported 52 records from Orders. View records ⇀
Pitchly Documents app to generate and export Microsoft Word document automatically from data

Work tools that are implemented in minutes, not months.

Data alone is not very useful unless you can do things with it. Pitchly Apps help you do work lightning fast because they automatically pull data from your single source of truth, instead of saving data in different places. Apps can be installed with one click. You can also build your own.


Plug into your existing infrastructure with Pitchly Connect.

Pitchly Connect allows you to seamlessly connect Pitchly to your existing SQL or NoSQL databases and compatible services without writing any code or moving data outside your firewall.

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Drawing of files SQL database and cloud services connecting and integrating to Pitchly database which connect to Pitchly apps

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