Case Use for Private Equity & Venture Capitalist Firms

Case Use: Private Equity & Venture Capitalist Firms

Private equity and venture capitalist firms can eliminate data entry and automate reporting to streamline their monthly portfolio results using Pitchly.

Streamlined Integration and Onboarding

Track and report portfolio results easily

Gathering, compiling, and formatting investment reports is time-consuming and tedious for your team and portfolio companies. Pitchly’s automated process means you no longer spend time gathering information.

A Real-time Data Feed

“Set and forget” monthly reporting

Consistent and frequent portfolio company reporting is a must to add value to your portfolio. When everyone stays informed, everyone can keep the investment on track.  When you save time on reporting, you have  more time to benchmark new opportunities, analyze monthly information to prepare questions for the portfolio companies, and prepare beautiful Office-supported outputs for insertion into your limited partner communications.


Onboard with clear reporting expectations

Once a new investment is made, send the Onboarding Form to the company to gather marketing information for your website and social media team, including quotes, logos, headshots, and other collateral required. Then include the company reporting contact in the scheduled Monthly Reporting Form email.

Download the Case Use

Discover how your firm can eliminate data entry and automate monthly portfolio reporting.