Create amazing things with your data

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Automate with Document Creator

Create a library of go-to documents that integrate fields from your database with these features:

  • Design custom, branded templates for each document type
  • Create dynamic content asset libraries to insert into templates
  • Easily export as editable PowerPoint or Word documents
  • Create logic and rules to automate confidentiality
  • Automate reports, invoices, proposals, flyers, and more
Document Creator
Streamlined Forms

Streamlined Forms

Create custom forms using the fields in your database to distribute data collection and collect responses without accessing Pitchly.

  • Create a library of forms customized for specific user to input
  • Ask only what specific users can provide for the record
  • Drag and drop fields with responsive design
  • Integrate workflow for review and approval before final submission
  • Replace Excel for data collection and collaboration across teams

Data Visualization On Demand

Gain insight by transforming your data into visual stories, updated in real-time as information is populated. 

  • Make your point in seconds with your data transformed
  • Investigate data to improve strategic decision-making
  • Discover inefficiencies and insights throughout your organization
  • Host and present visualizations for interactive presentations
  • Demonstrate you are in command of your data
Insights Application
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