The future of work is not task driven. It's data driven.

At its core, Pitchly is a human-friendly database. But its real magic is using data to automate repetitive tasks, so you can focus on the more important things.

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Property listings
The Corner Building
123 Lazy Way
Price: $5.6 M
20K SF
English Town Home
456 Easy Street
Price: $1.2 M
1,056 SF
The Square Office
789 Peach Street
Price: $10.5 M
18K SF
Beach Home
012 Baywater Terrace
Price: $3.7 M
1,280 SF

The Pitchly difference

By making your work data driven instead of task driven, information can flow seamlessly throughout your organization without needing to manually update anything.

Without Pitchly

Drawing of many disconnected tools being connected and integrated together poorly without Pitchly

Manual, exponentially difficult, information not pushed to where it's used

With Pitchly

Drawing of many tools being connected and integrated together well using a Pitchly database between them

Automatic, one-click app installs, information is pushed everywhere it's used

Why businesses choose Pitchly

Time = $$$

Find information in one place instead of scattered across systems. Then easily use that information to produce assets blazingly fast.


Because all information lives in one place, every asset that uses that information is automatically kept up to date and accurate. And everyone is working off the same data.


Make the right information accessible to the right people, so your business can move fluidly. Web-based and available on modern platforms.


Install new apps and integrations as your needs change, with only one click and without moving any data. Or develop custom apps for your business's unique needs.

Better controls

Control access to information, and what can be done with that information, from one place. Automatic audit trails report usage, and data can be easily rolled back if something goes wrong.

Reduce cost

Free up IT resources and eliminate lengthy build-outs. Pitchly gives employees the common work tools they need to be successful and independent. Pitchly is extremely user friendly and easy to implement.

Activate existing data sources

Optionally plug Pitchly into your existing infrastructure, often without writing any code or moving any data outside your firewall. Take full advantage of apps and Pitchly's database interface to make your company data searchable by end employees or clients.

Replace many disconnected tools

Save time and money on individual disconnected tools that don't talk to each other. Benefit from Pitchly's growing ecosystem of apps over time without increasing complexity.

Low risk

Adopting Pitchly is not an all-or-nothing proposition. Adopt it incrementally and grow with it as needed. And you're not stuck with only our apps. Create your own or connect to outside services easily.

The Swiss Army knife of data


Everything starts at the data. That's why the core of Pitchly is a human-friendly database. When your data changes, everything that uses that data changes reactively. Searchable, central, controllable, and easy to use.


Apps plug into Pitchly databases and are designed to do specific work tasks using the data you already have. No moving data, and apps can be installed with one click.


Integrations allow you to sit Pitchly on top of your own data backend. Provide a human-friendly interface to your relational or NoSQL databases, and unlock the potential of your data with apps. All without writing any code.

Firms have to adopt and adapt to stay relevant. There are endless tools to use. We are always looking for something that brings value, yet is easily customized to our business. Pitchly is one of those solutions with a roadmap that aligns with our approach.
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Managing Director
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