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Control and secure company data, keeping it safe and clean

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Plug-n-play Applications get work done quickly

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Customer Reviews

We purchased Pitchly to manage our Tombstones but it quickly became the preferred Knowledge Management Solution for the Business Development team.
We operate in a spreadsheet world, so if we can find a better, quicker way to produce and repurpose more effective marketing content, we are interested.
With Pitchly, I track my commercial finance deals and use this experience to win new clients and referrals. Pitchly also allows me to store deal information in an easy to use common format. This means I update it often and it is fast and easy.
While it does save me time when I make Tombstones, what I really appreciate is the peace of mind knowing the information is correct and relevant.
We win more proposals with Pitchly. What more could you want?
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